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Ruined by Amy Tintera - Book Review

Ruined by Amy Tintera – Book Review

Ruined (Ruined, #1)Ruined by Amy Tintera
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*Full review update*
Thumbs up, Amy Tintera, keep doing your thang. This was the perfect weekend read for me…

Cute, light weight, fast read- and pretty stinking adorable. Alright whatever maybe I’m referring to a certain character but don’t judge k thanks.

So Ruined is definitely up my alley.

Castles? Check.
Magic? Check
Badass Heroine? Check.
Prince? Check.
Battles/action/wars? Check.

The above is pretty much my standard ‘Brittney recipe of success’ on whether or not I’m going to enjoy a book… so I was destined to like this one.

The plot was a little cliche, but who cares. If you know what you like, stick to it. Nothing super original in my opinion, but engaging nonetheless. Cmon, who doesn’t want to read about a princess in disguise (mind you- who the world thinks is dead..) going to the country that destroyed her own in order to rescue her kidnapped sister and bring the country down to its knees from within? Lets leave it at that. Its a fun story!

Ok ok ok but…

I didn’t have a ton of feels in this one (save for a few great moments) but I highly anticipate that to change as the series continues. The romance was light and sweet- though (view spoiler) But whatever. Lets see what happens.

So overall, I liked it, and I’ll definitely continue – and I recommend this to anyone looking for a fun whimsical read.

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