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King of Mist by Jordan Rivet

King of Mist: Book Review

King of Mist (Steel and Fire, #2)King of Mist by Jordan Rivet
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Okay, I’m hooked. I didn’t expect the feels… wowza.

So if you haven’t started this series, you’re missing out. The first book was good- a good introduction to the characters and world building.. but this is where the plot really takes off. If you’re looking for a fun new fantasy.. seriously. Pick up these books!

Why, you might ask? Easy.

-Adorable, too flirty for his own good, Prince (view spoiler)
-Strong Heroine who can kick said prince’s butt
-Unique fire magic system
-Dragons. (not much, but I bet they will play a bigger role soon). Like there’s a baby Abraxos… just saying.
-Tension/feels building
-Quick/easy read but fun

I’ll be honest- this series is similar to a lot of other YA fantasy books out there – but if that’s what you’re looking for… a fun fantasy… this is a great place to start. Plus it seems to get a little more unique as it goes.

*Spoilers from the first book only below*

In the wake of King Severen’s death, Siv now has the burden of his father’s crown. I love his character development. In book one, he was a carelessly flirty prince who was pretty much in denial that anything bad would ever happen. He’s grown so much- but I love that he still has his goofy little personality… and yet we see his struggles at the same time. Dara is as badass as ever… but she’s holding secrets from Siv. UGH you guys… the tension. I really thought they were gonna get together but this one has the whole forbidden romance PLUS secrets and lies thing going on between them. *evil cackles* …And chemistry… which is what I was really hoping for.

I don’t know what it is.. but I just really fell head over heels with the characters. Not even just Dara and Siv! I liked everyone in the first book- but my heart wasn’t reeling over them yet. Now it is. Can we just talk about Siv’s brilliant little sisters? Especially Sora.. holy crap. Girl is smart.

The world got a bit bigger too.. and I’m really digging where the author is going with it. Not only that, but the writing has gotten stronger too. Lots more showing vs telling, especially in the action scenes. I’ll admit that some of the plot is predictable but I don’t really care because I’m having fun. Everything is getting more complex, and I’m excited to see where it goes.

And that ending… yeesh. I’ll admit that I loved the end but I was a little worried about where it would take the plot… but I can safely say I’m ALREADY on book 3 and things aren’t playing out the way I thought they would. I’m loving it just as much! Don’t be fooled into thinking things will ever be simple between Dara and Siv.

One last note… I bounced back and forth from the audio to the kindle version. The narrator does a great job with Dara- but she makes some of the other voices too cheesy. I’m not a huge fan of how she voices the dudes. But either way, its better audio than most books these days.

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