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The Fallen Kingdom by Elizabeth May

The Fallen Kingdom: Book Review

The Fallen Kingdom (The Falconer, #3)The Fallen Kingdom by Elizabeth May
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

2.5 stars? I’m still not sure how I feel about this. I think I liked it more in theory than the actual execution.

The first book was honestly a ton of fun, and the ending will ensure you’ll go grab book two the moment you sit it down. But before I get ahead of myself- here’s what I loved and craved more of after book two… I LOVED the mystery aspect of Kiaran (and trying to guess what his deal was), I loved loved loved the Scottish setting and looking up the locations that made for big events in the story. Also, the whole Seelie / Unseelie courts thing is just way cool for me – why is there not more of this in YA literature? (Yes, I’m well aware of the Fever series but it just wasn’t for me.) Also hell yes to anything steampunk! (But that’s pretty non existent after book one.)

Book two wasn’t bad either, I loved the introduction of Athinine (is that how you spell it?) and some of the new magical elements. But I started disconnecting in some of the descriptions. I had a hard time following the abstract faerie realms (again, I loved the idea of them, but the way they were described.. I was a big lost. Same with Derrick’s kingdom.)

This brought back some of the good parts- and honestly the ending of book two was a legit set up for this one. Still some cool elements here, but I was a bit disappointed at how everything played out. I honestly think most people that were super into book two will really enjoy this third installment.


I was STOKED to find out that Kiaran was the Unseelie King, like i’d suspected all along. And when he returned to his kingdom in this? I was so ready for a devious Kiaran, but instead, he was still a softie who lacked the sass and wittiness of Kiaran and book one. I was so ready for a struggle between Kam and Kiaran at that point- but instead, she finds him, he’s practically himself, and bleh.

Secondly, I loved the ending and all… with ONE major exception… which really ruined the entire story for me. What the flipping heck WHY DERRICK???? WHY????? He was easily my favorite character and yeah yeah I get that everything shouldn’t be a perfect happily after but that just ticked me off. He had the most personality and was just a ball of cuteness and I can’t… I can’t…

Also, my last complaint.. The whole repeated thoughts in Kam’s head was like… agh. Really? We get it.. don’t need to see it 10 billion times in each book.

Anyway, I really think I”ll be in the minority on this one. This IS a really fun series with a cool concept and I think I just had different expectations in my head for this third installment.

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