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Crystal Storm

Crystal Storm: Book Review

Crystal Storm (Falling Kingdoms, #5)Crystal Storm by Morgan Rhodes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Good gracious. EoS and now this? Bloody hell. 2017 better bring us some happiness.

Alright. There will be some spoilers up to book 4 in here and I’ll try to be vague about the rest.

If it has been a while since you read the first four books- I recommend doing a skim at least of the last book. There are seriously so many characters and I had a little trouble getting back in to the world. This picks right back up on the cliffhanger in book 4 and there are some small recaps but honestly I forgot who I even cared about.

Lie. Really I only care about Magnus and Cleo. I’m pretty sure most of the fandom agrees. If those are the characters you are attached to- I think you’ll like this book. I remember not caring in the slightest about any of the other characters and was in agony though any POV that wasn’t either of them. This book actually felt a bit more bearable because Mags and Cleo darling seem to be the focus in this one (thank goodness) so even the other POVs revolve around them for the most part. (More on them later…)

I’m actually happy to report that Lucia was mildly tolerable in this book too. She is feeling a little remorseful for what all went down before, and it was *semi* interesting to try and figure out what path she will choose now. Don’t get me wrong- I still can’t stand her. Jonas actually was kinda useful in this one *gasp* and I was kinda interested in him finally. My least favorite bits were Amara’s POV. Blah blah, I get it… you hate men… you want to rule everything… yada yada.

Everyone else seemed to be tools to move along the story but the book was so short it didn’t drag too much. On that note – no one is safe, yet again. Plenty of death if you’re here for that kinda thing.

Back to more important matters…

I absolutely loved the direction the author went for Magnus and Cleo- though it thoroughly wrenched my heart. Just because they “got together” in the fourth book and confessed their love DOES NOT MEAN things are smooth rolling for them. Magnus is still so very wounded from his past and Cleo faces some difficulties that make them doubt each other. They very obviously love each other but the relationship struggles in this were so painful. But you know what? That makes the good moments so worth while… and there are some GOOD moments. Not to mention- they still have some heated banter which YES I LOVE IT UGH. The best part which I applaud Rhodes for is THEY DID NOT ONCE GET CHEESY like so many couples after they get together.

THAT ENDING WHAAAAAAAT WAS THAT. Okay but I’m hopeful because that just can’t be it. That’s all I can say without being emotional.

My only complaint aside from some of the boring POVs throughout the series is the writing. Maybe it is just me- but I feel like Rhodes tries too hard with some of her dialogue. So much of it just feels unatural/cheesy. The writing isn’t the strongest either but whatever- Magnus and Cleo make up for any series shortcomings. It also tends to be a little under descriptive at times which confused me – especially during some of the high action scenes towards the end.

Lastly, yep… playlist for Magnus (and some Cleo feels..) because I can’t not do it. Check it out Here! if you want to give it a listen!

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