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Seige & Storm: Book Review

Shadow & Bone (Grisha Trilogy #2)  by Leigh Bardugo
Published June 4th 2013 by Henry Holt and Co.
Genre: YA, Fiction, Fantasy

My Rating: 5/5 Stars


My Goodreads Review

You know when a book is so good… so captivating.. that you cannot find the words to even give it a worthy review? Even now, I find myself without many words to express how much I love this series.

So I’m just going to leave you with a few reasons this book is totally legit.

1. PIRATES. Snarky ones.
4. YES, this book is much darker than the first, and much more intense.
5. Mind games. Crazy ones. The struggle is real [and swoon worthy]
6. Alina’s character growth
7. Second book syndrome? NOPE.
8. The *thing* that you aren’t sure if its real or not.. and the moment you find out if you’re right or wrong (anyone?? yeah??) (view spoiler)
9. GORGEOUS writing.
11. The Darkling. Nuff said.

I literally could not read fast enough. There is so much emotional struggle – so many challenges, and our dear Alina had to suffer them all… and yet in the end, she was the BALLER that I knew she would be.

And I gotta say something about Mal.
(This isn’t super spoilery imo but read at your own risk.)
He gets a lot of shit in this book for his rash decisions. Most people tend to hate him, but I just can’t bring myself to feel anything but sorrow for him. He is just hurting… and hurting people hurt people. And if you ask me, he does get his shot at redemption in the future. Now does that mean I ship him with Alina? I’m not gonna answer that. You’ll have to read my review of book 3.

Lastly, just a friendly reminder that I compiled a list of songs [that are more or less really just for the Darkling himself…] You can check them out here!!!
**and can I just say that I imagine the song “Frost Flowers” by Evelyn Glennie is perfect for the scene between Alina + the Darkling in his room….

Ps… I feel like I should note that I read this series on audible. The narrator was absolutely phenomenal. Ohhhh how good she does all the voices… If you have only read the physical copy, I recommend going back through these on audio!