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A Court of Mist & Fury: Book Review

A Court of Mist & Fury by Sarah J Maas
Published May 3rd 2016 by Bloomsbury USA Children’s
Genre: NA, Fiction, Fantasy, Romance

My Rating: 5/5 Stars


I have ALOT to say.. (as I’m shaking all over. Literally shaking.)
**cracks knuckles**

Firstly. I can’t even bring myself to be funny in this review.. or about this book. The level… the depth of emotion… the layers… a gif or a joke doesn’t even seem appropriate somehow. Not until I recover. This book has raised the standards of every book to follow.

WOW this book has caused some uproar. So, I’d like to gently speak my mind.. and address some of the conflicting arguments about this from my point of view. I’d like to speak to a variety of audiences and opinions here. But please note, this book is not for everyone. Hopefully I can clear some of that up.

***This review is SPOILERY, but you can read my GOODREADS review which hides the spoilers here!


To those who are afraid of a love triangle: 

This book, I believe, will surprise you. This is NOT a love triangle. This is NOT an overlapping story of a girl who is torn between two men. This is NOT a book of angst or decision making of who suits Feyre better.

To those who are hardcore Tamlin shippers: 

I think the news has spread that your love interest will be challenged in this book. All I can tell you.. or ask of you, is that you go into this book with a realization that you truly don’t have all the information of what really happened in the first book. Let SJM reveal this to you in her own way. If you don’t want your feelings to bleed a little bit.. and you want a glitzy continuation of the little fairytale romance you got in the first half of the first book, this book is NOT for you. Yes, she sacrificed immensely for him… but that DOES mean something and is not swept under the rug.. even if this book challenges her former motive on it. It changed the world, and you see the result.

And you know what? I think you get something far better than you could ever hope for in return. 

To those who do not like the idea of Maas changing a love interest and are really peeved with her writing style:

I feel you. I really do. It is only because you have a big heart that you want true love to happen and stick to the characters. I can’t tell you if you will like this book- but I can promise you a wild ride of REALISTIC emotions… characters that make mistakes out of broken hearts, characters that are broken, shattered, and misunderstood. Just like real life. Just like people we talk to every day. All that to say- I do think this differs quite a bit from what happened in ToG… YES there are similarities, but this is on another level, folks. Though- I adore Heir of Fire, and I’ll defend what SJM did there.

And if you’re up for a spoiler to ease your mind some.. After this book, whatever the result, the ship is NOT changing again. See more below.

To those who believe the characters are acting out of character: 

I understand why you think this. I really really do. But here’s my quick two cents… We as readers.. believed so much of what we read in the first book. Like Feyre, we soaked up the sparlkly love in the book… we didn’t see the warning signs of the relationship that she sacrificed everything for. I went back and reread parts.. and I realized that Maas was leaving us clues the entire first book.

Tamlin is not perfect.. and he is acting out of the own holes in his heart. All of the characters are hurting in the first part of this book. All of them. I could talk so much more on these points… like with Rhys being softer.. just wait until his explanation of things. And if you have a problem with him not being evil and conniving, I don’t know what to tell you.. but I, for one, am absolutely floored at his depth.

I do believe at the very end though- I don’t think Tamlin would have really done that- but it just shows how desperate he was.. the lengths he went to…

To those who hope that Rhys stays a villain in this book

I’m sorry, but you will be disappointed. Some say he isn’t as awesome to read about as he was in the first book- but he gained so many levels of my respect.. and he was STILL as hilarious, cunning, powerful… as he ever was. So needless to say.. he is without a doubt- one of my all time favorite characters. Easily.

Now onto the plot itself… 

Feyre is utterly and completely broken at the beginning of this book.

She has every right to be. She is suffering from serious post traumatic stress. I guess a lot of readers are giving her a hard time for it but I’d like to see anyone go through the amount of hell this girl went through and come out any better than she. Any of you (like me) who have suffered through anxiety/panic attacks/etc will be able to relate to her in this, I think.

This story is a story HEALING. Renewal. Transformation. And so much more.

I was absolutely floored at how RAW and unfiltered this book is. I was shocked to my core as things were revealed.. as emotions were laid bare on the table. At the complete HONESTY of this book. Everything I thought I knew.. well just you wait.

Every single page put a smile or a massive amount of tears on my face. This book made me feel every emotion very deep within my bones.

As for the relationship…

This, to me… depicts what love SHOULD look like. Feyre gets out of a relationship that she didn’t realize was toxic until it nearly killed her. YES, Tamlin was only trying to protect her and show her love in his way, but it wasn’t right. Good intentions do not always mean good decisions. Love should not be based on the physical demands of a relationship. Love is selfless, love does not envy. Tamlin would not communicate with her.. he did not see her as his equal, as his team mate… he only saw her as a lover. Rhysand stepped in and shattered all of those lies planted in her head. He EMPOWERED her… he lifted her up.. he gave her free will.

Yes, Tamlin was made out to be a little bit of a monster in this book.. YES I see why that upsets people. But here’s the thing… Maas was making a point here… one that I whole heartedly agree with. You do NOT have to stay in a relationship that binds you up. And Rhys’s love for her left me speechless.

I could put a million beautiful quotes in the book here for you- but I want them to be a surprise.

….AND HOLY FREAKING CRAP OF THE WORLD… that ending was INTENSE. (Hence why I am still shaking an hour after finishing this book….)

And lastly… yes there are a few minor things that I disagreed with. And dear readers… please note that this book is EXTREMELY graphic. I would have preferred certain scenes to not be so…TMI… or explicit.. so sensitive readers, beware. Somehow audible has this listed for 11-13 year olds. Please do not let your 11 year old child read this book… this is NA, not YA. *though small note- I’m seeing a lot of buzz about sexual situations that didn’t actually happen in this book… like did we read the same book? Yes, there is explicit content- but not the way I’ve read in some of the reviews. The marketers of this book should be held responsible for not labeling it correctly – so those who are upset should message them / spread the word.


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    Amber Jones
    August 7, 2016 at 6:14 pm

    I just finished A Court of Thorns and Roses and cant wait to get my hands on a Court Of Mist and Fury!!!!

    1. Reply
      August 7, 2016 at 6:23 pm

      Oh I hope you love it! I can’t even express my feelings on it – so good!!

  2. Reply August 29, 2016 at 8:25 pm

    I just need to see if gifs will work…

  3. Reply August 29, 2016 at 8:25 pm

    Nooooooooo I need gifs to express myself whatever will I do…

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      August 30, 2016 at 11:43 am

      Hahah goodreads has spoiled us on that front – but this one.. like no gif could ever even…

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